Rachel Anderson

Rachel is an astoundingly talented fine artist, her most recent work focused on florals inspired by her home in south west London.  Works from this collection have been sold all over the world including most recently to Indiana in the USA!

Rachel Anderson.jpg

The Facts

Where are you based? London

What's your main medium? Acrylic to encourage her to work quickly and intuitively, but previously mainly oils. This influences how Rachel uses acrylic, and people often comment on how it looks like it has been done in oil! 

What's your main price range? Prints: under £45, Originals: from £60+

International? Yes


Tell us more...

"I am trained as a designer, which has meant that craft, composition and carefully considered decisions is very important to my creative process! I have been drawing and painting ever since I could grip a paintbrush and have always loved the challenge of being able to paint things that are difficult, complex, or very layered. These days I am learning to embrace imperfections and work more intuitively, which has given me more freedom than I have ever felt before."

And what about the artwork?

"The inspiration for my most recent collection, London Blossoms, bloomed one rainy Spring morning during my cycle to work through leafy South West London; I turned the corner, and through the grey drizzle emerged the first glowing pink blossoms of the season. I was compelled to paint this unexpected beauty that evening as soon as I got home. 

Throughout the Spring and Summer that followed, the blossoms aligning the paths provided a colourful and ever-changing vignette for me to paint. "

What inspires Rachel?

"I am constantly blown away by all the creativity I see around me. I follow a lot of artists on Instagram and think it’s amazing how everyone has their own style and unique way of looking at the world. This motivates me to work hard to earn a place in this creative community."

Let's finish with an interesting fact!

"I have been exhibiting my artwork for 10 years! Most recently, one of my London Blossoms pieces was used as the poster artwork for the prestigious Talented Art Fair in London. This is something I have dreamed of since I began showing my work, so it is a very special achievement for me."