Our Story

The story

Art has always been a huge part of human culture. For centuries we have been filling our homes with beautiful art that represents our lives, our interests and our decorative tastes.  

While we're moving further into this mass-produced, ready-made world, inspiremywalls aims to connect real artists with us again so we can continue to fill our homes with real, non-mass produced, meaningful art without breaking the bank.

The inspiration

The inspiremywalls team are passionate about the impact art can have on your home.  Finding the right piece as well as how you choose to display it can transform a room.  

Use our inspiration guides to learn about affordable art, find new artists, experiment with different hanging styles as well as home decor tips and our top picks..

The art

We support a variety of artists, from the established full-timers, to newly graduated art students right up to those who create art alongside a full time day job. The key is that every artist featured on the site has an interesting story and creates beautiful art!