Nadia Attura

Nadia Attura is a contemporary photographer based in London. Nadia's photography takes her all over the world for inspiration, her work is a mix of mystical and magical limited edition prints with the most aesthetically pleasing, contemporary finish.

nadia attura TAOF exhibiting.jpg

The Facts

Where are you based? British born, raised by Italian parents and living in London

What's your main medium? Photography, analogue and digital, 35mm SLR and medium format. In camera and digital manipulation combining paint, chalks, acrylic and collage. 

What's your main price range? Limited editions prints £50 - £1000. Commissions £2000

International? Yes!


Tell us more...

"I make my artwork from home and the garden but as of next month my garden studio will be open. I love the view over the garden, the space to look out. I watch how it responds each day to the changes in weather. Today the roses have started to bud pink and yellow and are looking beautiful in the rain.

 I studied Postgraduate in Photojournalism at The University of the Arts , London. I tutored photography at the 198 Gallery and went on to work in Press and PR photography. 4 years ago I began working on my travel portfolio and 2 years ago I returned to Fine Art full time. The birth of my daughter gave me the push I needed to assess my working life and the courage to follow my heart"

And what about the artwork?

"In 2016 I was selected to show at The Other Art Fair in London, since then I have exhibited at a further 6 shows with them. This May I am exhibiting in New York with The Other Art Fair Presented by Saatchi Art"

What inspires Nadia?

"I find inspiration everywhere: in the intricacies and fine details, the way that light enhances texture and form, colour shifts throughout the day being in nature opens the senses. In the studio music is my muse, I always have music to guide and walk with me"

Let's finish with an interesting fact!

"My work was selected and exhibited at The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Show 2016. All 75 editions sold out before the show went to public. I had to sit down after this was confirmed"