Lucie Sheridan

Lucie Sheridan is a Bristol based screen printer, artist and illustrator working from the vibrant town of Bristol.  Lucie's work epitomises happiness with her colourful and bold design.  We find it makes us happy just looking at it, ready to brighten up all of the walls! 

Lucie Sheridan Printing pixie.jpg

The Facts

Where are you from? Surrey

Where are you based? Bristol

What's your main medium? Screen printing, drawing, painting and digital work

What's your main price range? £35 - £500

International? Yes!


Tell us more...

"I studied illustration in Bristol at UWE and have been illustrating since 2003 starting off part time and now full time.  I have recently moved to Wales with my husband and daughter (5) and commute to my studio in Bristol. I am part of a co-operative working space and work amongst 30 other artists over many different disciplines"

And what about the artwork?

"My work is colourful and often humorous. I continue to exhibit with the Affordable Art Fair annually, with a gallery in Putney. I joined them in 2008 after approaching them for representation. I like to work on series of works attached to a theme"

What inspires Lucie?

"I love life's simplicity and play on words and I am exciting by boldness and bright colour. I also love to explore and promote my ‘inner child’ when producing new ideas"

Let's finish with an interesting fact!

"I once worked on Damien Hirst’s ‘Black scalpel Cityscape’ paintings, it was so much fun!"