Lore Obrejea

Originally born and trained in Spain but now based in the South East of England, Lore's turned her love for art and illustration into a successful prints business.  Her colourful style brings nature into the home in a contemporary and fresh way.

Lore Obrejea

The Facts

Where are you from? Valencia, Spain

Where are you based? Bracknell, UK

What's your main medium? Pencil drawings and watercolour paintings

What's your main price range? Prints: £10 - £25, Commissions: £50 - £150

International? Yes


Tell us more...

"I'm a Spanish girl who moved to the Uk almost 4 years ago now, right after getting married. We wanted a new adventure and a new life together. This year, we reached 10 years together as a couple! I studied Fine Arts at University in Valencia, Spain. And I was never sure about what I would like to do with my life in the future, because I like trying everything and experiment, also being creative. I enjoy photography, concept art, drawing, painting...But during the last two years of uni, I discovered that there are people who work as illustrators. So I thought that I would like to try that!

Since then I started to draw more, and I even did portrait commissions for friends and also started several personal projects that helped me improve and have constancy in what I was doing. Here in the UK, I started to draw and paint more animals and I found it very rewarding! So many colours, textures and forms to play with! Ever since, I started doing personalised commissions, and I never stopped doing personal projects that later on became posters and prints.

I invested in a good printer, so I could create the prints from home and have full control of my business leading me to open an Etsy shop, so I can have a platform where I can sell my work. And now I can say that it was a good decision!

I also do other jobs simultaneously.  At the moment I am working part time at Whittard, an English tea shop in the new town centre. Working from home can be isolating which this helps with but it is also nice to do something totally different from time to time. Not only for my personal wellbeing but also for my creativity!"

And what about the artwork?

"I don’t like rules, so I think I am very spontaneous when creating and when deciding what to paint. But at the same time I am very organised and methodic. So I always end up starting with a line drawing, then playing with watercolours and finally, giving contrast and definition with lines and details.

But before I start drawing, there is a lot of research on images of animals! I have a different folder on my computer, with lots of reference pictures for each animal of each project that I’ve done or I will ever do. I enjoy the process, having fun with the watercolours and giving the shapes with the lines. I feel free and creative when I have to give live to the sketches that I first draw with the pencil.

I also love putting time and thought into the packaging of my commissions or orders, I wrap them with a loop of string, put a stamp, personalise them, I love making opening their order a lovely experience for my customers!"

What inspires Lore?

"My inspiration comes from nature. I can’t believe how many different species of animals and plants with different colours, forms, textures and sizes there are on this planet! I think I discovered my love for the ocean when I was making a whale commission. I just enjoyed it so much! Since then I felt drawn to keep painting ocean species for my personal projects. I can spend days just searching for reference pictures online. The ocean and the deep sea scare me and at the same time I feel drawn to it. It’s a strange feeling.

I also get inspired by all the artist that are out there. I follow lots of illustrators on Instagram, makers and awesome photographers. If one day I can’t find motivation, I only have to see their work and that pushes me to want to do things myself."

Let's finish with an interesting fact!

"When my husband and I where dating, we used to take a lot of creative photos, we had like a personal project and each picture was different, creative and fun! We tried to keep doing some more photos like that here in the UK, but we only managed to do some occasionally... Now I really miss it and I would love to have time and motivation to think and make creative photos again with him!

Regarding the future, we are doing a two week trip to the US this September, and it will be my first time in the States! I am very excited to see and discover new places! Because that is another thing that makes me happy: exploring! It is so good to stimulate the creativity!"