Lâle Güralp

Lâle is an artist working from her home studio in Clapham alongside her dog Siyah.  Lâle's intricate style of work gives a nod to the traditional, technical style you see in old botanical journals and respectfully brings it into the twenty first century with brighter colours and contemporary compositions. 

Lale Guralp

The Facts...

Where are you based? London

What's your main medium? Pencil on paper usually, but occasionally adding add colour in gouache and the odd bit of glitter!

What's your main price range? Prints: from £35 - £200. Commissions: from £95 (but will work to the clients budget)

International? Yes


Tell us more...

"I run my business full time from my home in Clapham in the company of my cockapoo Siyah. When I was studying for my Textile degree at Chelsea College of Art and Design I fell in love with London. It is an exciting city full of talented, creative people and inspiring things to see. I find this gives it a buzz and constantly gives me ideas.

My home is open plan and I do all my drawing and painting from my large desk in the main room which has the best light. The spare room is my storage of stock and has the space for me to package orders. I like to keep this separate as I can leave this room in a mess while I work downstairs in an organised and calm room so that I can concentrate.

My days are varied starting with a walk on Clapham Common with Siyah. I then answer emails and package orders before I got to a yoga class (3/4 days a week), walk Siyah again and draw in the afternoon. I live with my man and we are very excited to be getting married in September 2018."

And what about the artwork?

"I draw from life when I can, which is mostly when I draw flowers that I get from my local florist Birksen at Clapham Old Town. Otherwise it is from photographs especially when I have a pet portrait commission. I am able to listen to podcasts, audio books of often have Netflix as I draw. I find this helps me to concentrate and occupies a part of my brain that helps me to be efficient. The first drawing to start my business was my 55cm tall pineapple. I drew it while I was living abroad and when I came home I started selling it. This was the start of my business in January 2015.

The best place to see and buy my work is on my website www.laleguralp.com or on notonthehighstreet.com. I have exhibited in a few places including Green & Stone of Chelsea which is my favourite art shop. They were the first shop to stock my cards and some of my prints can be bought there too. More recently I have been selling my work at Crafty Fox markets which has been great fun. The best part about it has been taking to the people who buy my work. I really enjoy the pet portraits because I hear the lovely stories about the much loved animals. It is such a pleasure to give the owners a drawing they cherish. I also love to paint personalised wedding bouquets because I get to use colour and these flowers are a symbol of a very happy day and they get to keep the gift for a lifetime."

What inspires Lâle?

"Nature. Plants and flowers are my favourite things to draw because I get the time to really look and see how nature has made them. The shapes, colours and textures are always so beautiful. Being in London and doing things is exciting and inspirational. You never know what you are going to see. My favourite exhibition last year (2017) was at the Design Museum about colour."

Let's finish with an interesting fact!

"I met Terance Conran the day I graduated as my family were eating at one of his restaurants. He came and said hello. I then wrote to him asking if he might have a position for a new young designer at his company. 6 months later I started work at Conran where I learnt so much about design, retail and I made some wonderful friends."