Katie Edwards 

Introducing Katie Edwards, a freelance illustrator with a beautiful, whimsical style.  Katie specialises in silk screen prints of a variety of subject matter but all her work takes its inspiration from the outdoors, countryside and nature. 

Katie Edwards - At Work.jpg

The Facts

Where are you based? The Lake District

What's your main medium? Screen Printing

What's your main price range? Retail screen prints: from £50-£375, Commissions vary.

International? Yes


Tell us more...

"Growing up in the Lake District and studying Graphic Arts and Design at Leeds Beckett Univercity. I have been a Freelance Illustrator for over 10 years, living in London and Canada. I moved back to The Lake District 4 years ago when I started running my business full time. I have converted my spare room to a studio where I do everything from ideas, screen printing and framing, I plan to expand my studio soon. I live at the foot of Lake Windermere with my boyfriend Dave and my Border Collie x Kelpie Rhyder."

And what about the artwork?

"My ideas start as a quick sketch just to remind me of the concept in my head, then I will collect photographs to edit and manipulate. Once my design is created, I plan the colours and the layers to be screen printed. Sometimes the experimenting of colours and paper takes place during the printing process, creating very different piece with each print. Other times the idea is quite set and so I'll print a limited edition of the print, but each print is still original due the process in which I use.  I often combine my silkscreen prints with hand painted layers because I like the contrasting textures. I first tried my hand at screen printing on my art foundation course, I'm pretty sure I loved the process from the get go. I find all printmaking techniques extremely satisfying, that moment you reveal the print is very pleasing every time. I regularly exhibit at PrintFest in Ulverston, Buy Art Fair in Manchester, Windsor Contemporary Art Fair, The Affordable Art Fair Battersea. Clients include Roomzzz Aparthotel, Converse, Delta Airways, National Australia Bank, Arla Dairy, Psychology Magazine, Radio Times, British Heart Foundation, Economist, The Telegraph, The Times, Observer."

What inspires Katie?

"Growing up in the Lake District and spending some time in Canada, I've been closely in touch with the outdoors, the countryside and animals. My screen print illustrations reflect this appreciation for natural beauty, yet sometimes mixed this with familiar cityscapes. My style of illustration came about from the juxtaposition of different objects to communicate a new idea. This way of working appealed to me in a way that I could create quite imaginative pieces with quite ordinary photos. I didn't consciously always include an animal or nature in my pieces, but this was what I was interested in and so were the basis of my ideas. Animals also hold so many hidden meanings and so often create a symbolic image. I work with a lot of magazine and newspaper editors to create an illustration that will draw people in to read their article, producing clever or thought provoking imagery can really brighten up a piece of writing."

Let's finish with an interesting fact!

"I have just finished my largest project to date where over 100 pieces of my art decorate the walls of the New Roomzzz Aparthotel in the Corn Exchange Manchester and I have travelled as fair as Japan to see my screen prints in an exhibition."

Awards: Bridgeman Studio Award 2015, Printfest Founders Award 2017, Lawrence Arts Printmakers Prize 2017.