Julie Battisti

Julie Battisti is an Australian born, New Zealand based painter and photographer.  Her intricate style and oversized art makes a great statement in any room. The best news, her work can be shipped internationally even though she may be many miles away.

Julie Battisti2.jpg

The Facts

Where are you from? Grew up in Melbourne, Australia

Where are you based? A small town in the far north of New Zealand

What's your main medium? Oil painting, lino printing and photography

What's your main price range? Lino prints: NZ$45-80, Photographs on Satin: NZ$380, Paintings: $4000- $6000

International? Yes


Tell us more...

"I studied fine art at the Australian National University in Canberra, after finishing my degree I continued to paint but I fell into a corporate job in the fashion industry and lost sight of my dreams a little. It took me about 10 years to work my way out, I re trained as a teacher and for the last year I have been making art full time. It feels like it has been quite a journey, but that I’m finally where I’m meant to be (and working harder then ever!)"

And what about the artwork?

"My more recent artwork, which is largely all large scale floral paintings and photographs has come from a desire to focus on small and natural things as a form of escapism. For many years my default approach to a busy lifestyle meant I that I didn’t notice the beautiful ‘little things’ that surrounded me in my daily life. The process of photographing and painting flowers was a way for me to counteract this. Through enlarging photos and playing with scale I had the opportunity to spend months focusing on, and getting lost in these very same small things I once ignored."

What inspires Julie?

"The way that everyone approaches making art differently."

Let's finish with an interesting fact!

"I’m trying where I can to incorporate environmental concerns and sustainability into my practice.  I use recycled papers for my printmaking, natural pigments when I can and try to use lavender and eucalyptus oils instead of turps and solvents"