Ink and Brayer Studio

The brain child of Jess, Ink and Brayer create beautiful hand cut lino prints.  Her balance in subject matter between the natural world and that of science fiction works rather beautifully with pieces that would suit a variety of tastes. 

Ink and Brayer Studio

The Facts

Where are you from? Salisbury

Where are you based? London

What's your main medium? Linocut

What's your main price range? Cards: from £3, Limited Edition Prints: £20-£60, Commissions: POA

International? Yes


Tell us more...

"I'm Jess Linden White aka Ink & Brayer and I make linocut prints from my flat in Tottenham, North London. I started over a year and a half ago and quickly became obsessed, falling in love with the hand-printing process and the little variations that make each piece unique. I work full time as a graphic designer and make linocuts as Ink & Brayer at the weekends as a creative outlet for all the print ideas that pop into my head. Until I started Ink & Brayer a few years ago I hadn't done lino since college over 10 years ago, but as soon as I got the gouges in my hand I remembered what to do and I'm really glad I started again."

And what about the artwork?

"Over the years I've accumulated a lot of ideas for prints in my head and thought that linocut would be the perfect medium to create them. I love the finished effect lino gives and find the carving process very cathartic. The moment when you peel the paper away from the lino on the first print in an edition and see what you've created never loses its magic.

My process normally begins with drawing out an idea I have in my head, then working on the sketches to identify areas of light and dark or texture that will work well in a print. Sometimes I plan out the marks to make in the lino very precisely but mostly I just plan the basics and then let the drawing evolve as I carve. 

Making a linocut is quite a lengthy process. After finalising the drawing, it’s transferred to the lino block and carved out with a special set of different sized gouges. This can take me more than 20 hours for some of the more detailed and larger pieces. If I use more than one colour, each block has to be carved out and printed accurately, exactly on top of the layer before, with each layer allowed to dry for a few weeks in between."

What inspires Jess?

"Much of my inspiration comes from the natural world and I'm particularly inspired by botanical and animal subjects, but I'm also very keen on themes of space and science fiction. I love the aesthetic of vintage sci-fi and I try to capture that look in some of my space-based work.

Let's finish with an interesting fact!

"My proudest moment at Ink & Brayer so far is when a customer in New York bought one of my cactus prints and loved it so much, she commissioned two custom linocuts for her and her boyfriend from me."