Ellie Tildesley

Ellie is an abstract artist, born, bred and based in the south-west of England.  Coming from the coastlines of Devon and Cornwall you may expect to see pretty boatyard pictures or fresh watercolours, however Ellie provides us with something truly unique through her explosive and energetic style.

Ellie Tildesley

The Facts

Where are you from? Cornwall

Where are you based? Near Exeter in Devon

What's your main medium? Inks and acrylics

What's your main price range? Prints (30x40cm): from £10.50.  Limited Editions: from £65.  1m x 1m originals: from £95. 2m x 1.5m on paper: from £200

International? Yes


Tell us more...

"I make my work in my spare time (I'm a visual stylist part time). I trained at Plymouth university many many years ago but I specialised in textiles so quite different to what I do now. I haven't made or created artwork for a long time (motherhood took over) other than to decorate my own home on a budget. I kept being asked where the pieces around the house were from and so I saw an opportunity to sell my work. I work at home (often the dining room floor) or in the garden - wherever I can find a quite large space."

And what about the artwork?

"I have to clear the decks when I'm working as its messy and often large in scale. I also use a lot of movement, walk around the work attacking it from different angles. I sometimes use natural/found materials for mark making. I predominantly work in black and white but I plan on introducing more colour to my core body of prints. When undertaking a commission the colours, size and shape are often tailored to an individual's home decor.

I work with speed due to the medium but also because there are very often small people close by. The way I work fits in to my daily life as a mum of preschoolers. I find it therapeutic to throw myself around the room with a pot of paint or ink in hand. Its energetic, expressive and abstract and a much enjoyed process."

What inspires Ellie?

"I'm inspired by my clients who want something beautiful but affordable in their homes. They often have quite clear ideas about what they want, what they like and its a joy to make something for someone's living space. I love nothing more than seeing my work in people's homes."

Let's finish with an interesting fact!

"I'd love to grow the commission side of my business. I get a real kick from working one to one with a client and giving them affordable original artwork that can pull a scheme together, taking pride of place in a room."