DoodleDuck Designs

Chinese born but Yorkshire living Siya Liu uses her Chinese heritage and European experiences to create striking, detailed screen prints that reflect both these styles.  All her print works are hand-pulled screen prints and if that's not 'Real Art' we don't know what is! 

Doodle Duck Printing.jpg

The Facts

Where are you from? The subtropical China near the South China Sea

Where are you based? West Yorkshire, England

What's your main medium? Hand-pulled screen printing  

What's your main price range? Small prints: £10+, Multi-colours A2 prints: £60+, Commissions: Variable

International? Yes


Tell us more...

"My name is Siya Liu and I am a designer, illustrator and print maker. Originally trained in fashion design and illustration at Shenzhen University and then the University of Leeds, I now work for a well-know greeting card company in West Yorkshire. I have a wealth of experience in the greeting card and crafting industries, working for several companies in West Yorkshire. "

And what about the artwork?

"Alongside my day job I am passionate about screen printing and have designed and developed my own range of screen print designs, ranging from small gift cards to larger framed prints, hand printing these in a community workshop in West Yorkshire."

What inspires Siya Liu?

"My work is inspired by European folk traditions often mixed with traditional Chinese design. My designs are elegant, decorative and full of interesting detail."

Let's finish with an interesting fact!

"I love road trips and traveling, my biggest dream is road trip around the world!"