David Tasker 

David’s style is incredibly diverse, from beautifully figurative moments captured right up to the ultra abstract Hirst inspired dot series. David has taken the brave step many of us wish to and escaped the corporate rat race as a TV graphic designer and animator for a range of amazing TV shows to pursue his passion (and develop his considerable talent) as a professional, full time artist!

David Tasker

The Facts

Where are you from? Headcorn in Kent

Where are you based? I have a home studio!

What’s your main medium? Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour Paintings

What’s your main price range? From £50 upwards!

International? Yes!


Tell us more

I have always painted and drawn, since retirement I am a full time artist.  I have a studio at my house (my favourite place).  I retired in 2017 from a 35 year career as a television graphic designer and animator.  During that time I worked on lots of children’s TV  shows from Art Attack to Horrible Histories with many others between including the Chuckle Brothers…. I did other types of tv programmes as well - not as much fun as the kids stuff.  

I worked in Europe for a few years launching satellite and cable services and generally had a great career.

One of my daughters is now a successful graphic designer in TV through her my paintings occasionally are used as set dressing which is cool.

And what about the artwork?

The figurative oil paintings all have narrative, relationships between people.  It started with my commute to and from London.  Opposite my office was a cafe called The Breakfast Club.  It always had a queue outside.

I took photos of the queue.  On the train I drew the most interesting characters into a concertina sketch book.  When the book was full, my drawing was three metres long.  I produced one a month - lots of sketchbooks.

I couldn’t work out how to use these in my art.  Then I had a lightbulb moment last summer and started to paint these small pictures of people I put together in various situations.  I did lots of Brighton Pride paintings and gallery paintings. I had a small exhibition in Brighton and surprisingly the gallery pictures sold best. I plan another show in Brighton at the end of July.

My life drawing is bold, vigorous and big.  These are great fun to do,  so different to the control of the oil paintings.  Drawing this way is fast and exciting like skiing - sometimes it goes wrong and you end up face down in the snow.    

What inspires David?

In my painting it’s always interesting people.  The way they dress / stand / talk on their phones.  My sketch books are full people on trains / cafes etc. I love looking at art.  Art History is a major source of inspiration.  

Let’s finish with an interesting fact!

Ultimate dream would be to make a living out of selling my art!