Clementine Swift

Clementine launched her first exhibition in 2018 called ‘Waterline' and the result was a beautiful interpretation maritime art. You can’t help but love the bold colours and abstracted designs and Clementine’s passion for her creations is infectious! Each boat inspired piece has an incredible travelling adventure behind it and I recommend you ask her all about it!

Clementine Swift

The Facts

Where are you from? I’m originally from a tiny village in Kent

Where are you based? I work between Kent and East Dulwich

What's your main medium? Silk screen printing

What's your main price range? A3 screen prints are £50, A1 screen prints are £185

International? Yes


Tell us more...

 I’m a full time artist and member of Print Club in London. I studied Fine Art at Oxford Brookes graduating a few years ago.

And what about the artwork?

All of my prints are inspired by boats I’ve found around the world. In terms of the process, I start with photographs I’ve taken that I love and work with them on photoshop to brake them down into layers of different colours for screen printing. I then build up using layers of solid colour or halftone layers for more detail. 

What inspires Clemmie?

From just six weeks old I’ve spent every summer in Salcombe, Devon. This is where my love for, and fascination with, boats, sailing and all things nautical began. I’ve been taking abstracted shots of the hulls of boats for years…in fact I remember the first photo of a hull I took was in Chichester, where my boyfriend was working at the time, I took a break from writing my fine art dissertation and went for a walk around the marina and fell in love with the flakey, drippy, painty textures and colours under the waterline of the hulls. I wanted to recreate these in the way I see them through print which developed into my collection ‘Waterline’

Let's finish with an interesting fact!

I quit my job in November 2017 and went travelling the world with the intention to find exotic, interesting and beautiful boats around the world. Upon my return I was on a mission to turn these photographs into something magical. I started right from scratch, learning how to use photoshop, how to screen print and how to plan and launch my first solo exhibition within only 6 months! 

There is nothing that makes this little artist happier than when I receive an order for one of my creations, and it’s an extra bonus when they send me pictures of it in my customers homes!