DIY Art Projects

As a company that aims to support artists, we also want to encourage creativity within everybody.  We've brainstormed some of the most unique and simple ideas to add a personal yet beautiful touch of handmade to your home. 

Pressed Flowers in Glass Frames

Spend a day outside for this little piece whether that be the garden or a local park - all you need is access to some beautiful flowers.  Once you have a collection of botanicals press these in a flower press (or if you don't have one you can just use a heavy book).  When the flowers have dried arrange them in a Nkuku glass hanging frame or similar and hang wherever it'll look the best in your home! You could do a couple of these in different sizes and make a pressed flower gallery wall!

Glass Frame.jpg
Botanical Flower Letters.jpg

Botanical Wall Hangings

If you've ever done (or wanted to do) a wreath making workshop you'll love making this.  All you need is some flowers (or fake flowers) and twigs around the same size.  Choose the shape you'd like to make with the sticks (this could be a geometric shape like a triangle) and bind them tightly together with string. Once the base shape is firmly attached you can use the string to help wind the flowers into the sticks at various points making a beautiful, statement wall hanging for your home! 

Flower Printed Art

This could be a fun one to do with any little people in your life.  Choose a colour that will go with your decor (and limit the palette if you have little people involved to avoid muddy browns) then pick some flowers.  Dip the head of the flower lightly into paint and stamp it onto the paper to create a floral print pattern. We recommend a higher weight paper to avoid any wrinkling as it may get wet with the paint.  You can do the same with leaves and feathers for similar dainty results!

Flower Art.jpg
Embroidery Kits.jpg

Embroidery Kits

Something a little more complicated maybe would be an embroidery hoop.  You can buy kits online that step by step guide you through the design you'd like to make (such as this whale we found on Pinterest!). Alternatively if you have an idea you'd like to embroider it's fairly simple once you'd worked out the stitches to create any design you'd like on these loops (depending on the complexity of the design). These can be almost any size and can be hung on the wall or placed on a coffee table as a conversation piece.

Happy creating! We'd love to see what you make so you can start inspiring our walls...#inspiremywalls