Inspire my nursery...


Firstly, and most importantly, CONGRATULATIONS.  There’s a bun in the oven, you’re eating for two, baking a baby...OK we’re not sure about the last one either.  Whatever you want to call it, your family is about to expand and that little bump is going to need it’s own space soon.

A nursery is an amazing opportunity to be extra creative and try out those decor styles that you have always wanted to experiment with.  Remember that your baby's bedroom will grow with your baby and therefore the decor you choose is not permanent. This means you can up your braveness level. Here are our favourite beautiful nurseries from Pinterest including some very extrovert options.

You’ll notice in all these beautiful nurseries that the art really stands out. We believe the art you choose can make or break your nursery vibes, art inspires creativity, provides sensory stimulation and, obviously makes your nursery look amazing so don't forget about it!

felicity forster