How to create an incredible gallery wall?

Gallery walls are a simple way of displaying all the things that matter to you most in one place.  Their versatility is loved by everyone (or at least everyone on social media), from interior designers and home bloggers right the way through to you at home.  Hanging a gallery wall enables you to use your favourite prints, photographs, paintings or even framed invitations to tell a story about your life and can make a real and personal impact on your home.

Saying this, gallery walls can also be an incredible headache.  To save you the trip to Boots for some paracetamol we wanted to make this as easy as possible for you. We’ve pulled together a step by step guide to lead you through curating your art, designing the layout all the way to banging that nail into the wall.  

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Step 1 - Mentally prepare (deep breath!)

Grab yourself a cuppa joe, open up those notepads, boot up your laptop and start planning.  Creating a gallery wall takes time, preparation and lots of patience - you could rush it but that will never look as good (or mean as much) as a well considered gallery wall.

The best place to start with is the art, remember that your gallery wall is only as good as the art you have in it.  I’m not saying you have to spend thousands, there are plenty of artists on Inspiremywalls that will fit well within your budget, the most important thing is that the art you choose represents you, your life, your family, the art you love, your interests and your experiences.  

We think the best gallery walls are those that combine a variety of sizes, art mediums and frame styles.  Choose a couple of larger pieces which help to ‘anchor’ the wall, then choose a selection of smaller pieces that will complement each other.  You can connect them together through a common thread, for instance a certain colour or theme.   

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

The frames for your artwork are just as important as the art itself.  A frame can make or break the effect of the art you choose so don’t just panic in Ikea (although it’s easy to do) and really give it some thought.  Using different style frames for each print can make a much more visually interesting gallery wall, however you can also choose the same frame for each piece for a very clean and classic gallery wall.   Don’t forget to consider the colour pallette, experiment with metallic frames and you can use them to pull together colour tones from the rest of the room.

Step 2 - Check out the wall (stand back!)

No, you don’t have enough arms to hold up all the pieces and admire from a distance your design so don’t try!  We recommend measuring the size of the wall you’re working with and marking this out with tape on the floor, alternatively some people use masking tape to plot it out on the wall.

Start with your anchor pieces and build outwards from here with the smaller pieces you chose in Step 1. Mix it up between landscape and portrait and remember nothing needs to be symmetrical.  It’s good to work from eye level, however you might want to go for a floor to ceiling length gallery wall or just stick to the centre of the wall.  Do note that Interior designers really recommend installing the artwork at least eight inches above any furniture you’re planning it around.

Once you’ve planned out what you think is going to look amazing, make sure to photograph it ready for the next step!

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Step 3 - Crack out the toolbelt (step up!)

Now if you’ve done all of the above you’re through to the easy bit! Grab that toolkit and prepare yourself for some very intense artwork hanging! Use the photographs you’ve taken and either use these to guide you or physically tape out on the wall where the pieces are going to hang.  Then its simple a case of hammering in the nails or picture hooks into the appropriate places (take into account where the hook will catch them).  

Finally you just need to pop the art up on the hooks, take a step back and a deep breath! You’re done and we bet it looks fab!  If you’ve finished your gallery wall we would love to see your handiwork - share on instagram with #inspiremywalls or email us

felicity forster