Choosing a theme for your Gallery Wall!

Gallery walls are increasingly popular (in real life as well as on Instagram), you can design them yourselves or have them inspired by websites like Desenio.  The beauty of these feature walls is that they can be incredibly personal.  However by having them designed or inspired by someone who doesn’t know you means that gallery wall, while it might look beautiful, doesn’t necessarily mean anything to you.

We want to show you that you don’t need to be hugely creative to curate your own gallery wall.  You can design one for your home yourself that displays not just your personal taste but memories, histories and ambitions that will make you happy every time you look at them.  Here’s our cheat list to help inspire your walls!

Credit: Desenio

Credit: Desenio


Holidays - Do you have any beautiful pictures from a recent holiday or honeymoon? There are even designers like Places and Spaces who will turn your holiday snaps into a retro styled original artwork.

Family - If you’re not the best snapper of your kids or maybe you and your partner never stop to take a selfie why not treat yourselves to a professional photoshoot and have some pictures you’ll treasure forever!

Favourite artists - Personally one of my favourite artists is Henry Moore, having a print of his in my flat is ultimate goals.  You can prints of famous artwork on various sites including the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery websites.

Your own artwork! - Maybe you are a doodler and are particularly proud of one piece, or you’ve seen something on Pinterest you’d like to recreate or maybe you would like to go to an art class? Get it framed up and pop it on your wall! You’ll be proud and you never know, friends might start commissioning you! 

Friends/family original artwork - As above, if you have a talented friend why not commission them for some work (or just sneakily request it for Christmas!)

Nature - Nature is the root of inspiration for so many people, find something that inspires you whether that be a beautiful painting of a leaf, a scene or a mountain, it could even be a flower that you’ve dried and popped in a Nkuku hanging frame, nature is a great one to include in your gallery wall

Newspapers/Magazines - Is there a special date in your life or a headline that meant a lot to you, track down the relevant newspaper or magazine, frame it and hang it on your wall.  It could be a great conversation starter or just remind you of a beautiful memory.

Whatever it is that inspires you, before you get a ready made gallery wall that might just be in everyone’s homes have a think about whether you could add anything from the above into the mix to make it that bit more you!

felicity forster