Three modern art movements we’d love in our homes!

We love art and it's history! Throughout time the art that we, as human beings, have been creating varies hugely.  There are clear steps and transitions throughout different periods and we thought it would be fun to think about the more recent movements, and consider which would best suit our modern homes! Although they are totally unaffordable a girl can dream right?


Probably THE most famous of all the art movements, it is the impressionists who draw crowds at galleries like The National in London.  The Impressionist movement centred around Paris where artists broke free of artistic tradition, experimenting with new ideas and styles of paint work.  Painters reflected on the changes in their city through which they captured the modernity of urban living and showed both it’s bubbling activity as well as it’s loneliness.  Key artists within the impressionist movement are: Degas, Manet, Cezanne, Pissarro and of course Monet.

Degas the art class.jpg

Our recommended affordable Artists for those that love the impressionists would be:

  • HopSkipPaint - While it would be silly to try and match what the impressionists achieve, HopSkipPaint does something slightly different but still using and creating a beautiful effect playing with light


Less well known but just as iconic Suprematism was initiated by Kasimir Malevich who created works like ‘The Square’, simply a black square on a white background - while it sounds basic this was a hugely brave artwork at the time and completely different to anything people had seen before.  The movement is identified through simple geometric shapes in deep, intense floating on their background.  We think a suprematist painting would look fab in any modern home, particularly a Scandi home or airy loft conversion.

Kandinksy Composition 8 1923.jpg
Kasimir Malevich, Black Square
Dynamic Suprematism 1915 or 1916.jpg

Our recommended affordable Artists for those that love Suprematism:

  • Kitty McCall - Kitty uses geometric shapes alongside more contemporary botanicals to create a lovely ode to suprematism while still being beautifully modern and unique.

Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism follows the french poet Stephane Mallarme’s principle ‘to paint not the thing, but the effect it provides’ with spontaneity or at least with the effect of spontaneity.  It originated in America and was the first American art movement to achieve international influence and fame.  Key Expressionist artist include Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock’s, the latter's piece ‘Number 19’ sold at auction for  £58.3 million in 2013, imagining yourself sitting on a big pile of cash in the future certainly helps when you’re thinking about what artwork you’d like in your home.  Plus it helps that they would all look really pretty.

pollock 2.jpg
Pollock Number 19.jpg
Mark Rothko.jpg

Our recommended affordable Artists for those that love Abstract Expressionism:

  • Morgan McFie - Everyone who knows Morgan's work speaks of the emotions and memories it evokes, achieving exactly what the abstract expressionists aimed for (but much more affordably)

A side note to our lovely readers - we’re very aware no one in the real world can afford any of these as originals but you can get some beautiful reproduction prints from various gallery shops including ‘The National Gallery’, ‘The Tate Modern’ and ‘The Tate Britain’ or check out our real artist recommendations above!

felicity forster